Welcome to the site, where you can play the most awesome magic world in the flash gaming. I want to introduce you the first version of the coolest strategy game of all time. This is the Cursed Treasure, the game which will amaze you with its incredible funny gameplay and most intense scenario.

This game is about to defend your magical stones from the invader, who wants to take your kingdom. To do so, you have magical towers, awesome soldiers with arrows and of course, the witches, who are fighting on your side. But the enemy has their own magic creatures too. So, be prepared to play the extraordinary and stunning game here for free.

Click to play cargo bridge 2

 Click to play cargo bridge 2

Cursed Treasure are full of with awesome maps, where are cool textures and incredibly beautiful new features, like the realistic forests, snow fields and of course, the lands, which is covered with the magical fire. This is your kingdom and to defend it, the developers of this game have created an awesome army from winter warriors, fire soldiers and the witches. Your kingdom's future is in your hand, will you be good enough to destroy every invader of your land?! You will save the Kingdom. Play that cool game and answer this question with getting pleasure.

The controls in this game are with the mouse:

  • To build a Arrow tower, click the 1
  • To build a snow crypt, press the 2
  • To build a fire temple, click the 3
  • To use the magical bonuses, press the E, Q and W

Towers and magic spells

This game is extraordinary and awesome, because unlike the other simple strategy games, there you have so many features to defend your base and accomplish the mission. Also, there you have the magic spells, like you can throw a meteorites to your enemy and increase your towers fire rate by magic powers. You have three types of towers, in my opinion, the winter crypts are the best, because they are really useful to fight against any type of enemy. Also, you can build a fire temple and Den, who are using arrows to kill your enemies, and this is a really cool defense tool too.

Each tower can be upgraded and gain more destructive power by time. To do so, you have to click on them and you will see their levels, but every upgrade requires a different amount of money. You need 50 points to upgrade towers on first level, then a second level requires 100 points, three 150 and for last upgrade, you have to use the 150 points. upgrade of one tower does not affect others. Also, you need mana to use the magic spells, because of that, you have to wait before use new spell in the battlefield.

The main idea of the game

Cursed Treasure is a very interesting strategy flash game, where you are the lord of magical kingdom and your main mission is to defend your treasure from the invaders who are trying to take it from you. So, the scenario of this game is simple, you have to build towers and call the witches for magic spells to kill all the enemies who try to take your crystals.

The storyline of this game takes place in the magic world, where you can use some advantage. But it depends on the new maps, like some places will give you the opportunity to build your towers in higher places, and that give them the more power and larger shooting range ability. You need this to defend your five magical stones. Also you can add more stones in your storage by using the skill-shop after every accomplished round.