The strategic games are always a best way to challenge yourself and your logical skills with hard task to do, but so many games in this genre are boring and unimaginative, because they don't have interesting scenario and good gameplay. But, Not Doppler developers have solved this problem and I want to introduce you their freshly released version of the game Cursed Treasure 3.

The controls in this game are with the mouse.

This is a whole new concept in the strategy game's history and has a whole advance engine and gameplay, which definitely amaze you, but it's not everything, developers also write a entire modern style plot twist and scenario for this game, so play it and your free time will be more entertaining.

Cursed Treasure 3 will give you so much pleasure and joy while playing, because it has so many new features and every detail is updated, there are no bugs and creators add a whole new monster, an entire different strategical system for their moving and attack, also of course there are new maps with modern graphics and you have to play hard, because that new maps are more dangerous and harder to defend. Also, developers add new power-ups and skill menu to use meteors and magic power for defending your witchcraft from invaders.

The Main idea of the Game

Scenario of the cursed treasure 3 takes place in the magic kingdom, where you are the king and your territory is under attack by some giants and magic warrior army, but they don't want to take you down, this war is about for magical stones, which gives you the power to rule the world. Because of that, you need to defend your witchcraft with every power you have and build a powerful towers and magical temples. The scenario of this war is simple, beasts and deadly warriors are attacking your kingdom and you have to kill them, before they take away your witchcraft.

The Gameplay and Graphics

Cursed Treasure 3 has most accurate and awesome gameplay for its genre and it definitely gives you the opportunity to play as you wish. The game developer has added new defensive towers and temples for your army and also there are new power ups for you. This version is so interesting and the reason of this is that, there are new monsters and destructive warriors, who are running fast and some of them are invisible too, so you have to build a stronger defense line, to hold them and if you play hard enough and will be smart enough too, you can do this, because this game gives you multiple choices and ways to do so.

There are some new towers, like a magical temple and also every defensive building can be upgraded on whole master level and that give them a devastating power to defend your witchcraft. To update them on this level, you need a different amount of cash and also when you build a tower, every next one of its type will be more expensive, so spend your money carefully. Also, you can build your towers on the higher places and that give you better range accuracy and power to shoot.

The graphics in this game will definitely amaze you. I have never seen a such a beautiful texture and colors in a strategic game before. The reason of that is simply, the developers put a lot of effort to make every detail of the game a realistic and cool. There are a lot of things, what please you with their visuals, like magical temple fire and meteor rain, also every map has individual illustrations and every their detail is beautiful, like a winter forest and winded high grounds.