It's been a long time, since i play a good strategic flash game, because there isn't much good ones, but Armor Games developers had made an exceptional new game with a whole modern engine and graphic designs and i'm already loving it, because it's so entertaining and fun. Cursed Treasure 2 is a freshly released version of its series and has so many improvements, like there are better texture, new maps, entire new set of gameplay and of course, new enemies to fight, but most important, there are new advanced strategical war towers, which gives you a witch magic power and also developers create a recently additional warriors to use in fatal fights.

Cursed Treasure 2 is clean of every bug what has a previous version and unlike the first one, has a new possibilities for you to defend your gems.

There are new facilities to use and fresh one is an evil god tower, which gives you all hell power to destroy every intruder in your kingdom, but it's not everything. Your light knights army has a new feature and in that case, you can upgrade them and make them more deadly to your enemy, but to do so, you have to fight like a real warrior and earn a cash by killing every thief and invader, who dares to come into your cool kingdom.

The scenario of the game is so fascinating and give your brain an attractive way to work. The game takes place in older centuries, were was a knight shining era and every problem was solved with the power and fight. So, you are a king of the magical and beautiful kingdom and you have a powerful sorcery and witchcraft in your castle. That enchants are gems and they give you amazing powers to win every war, because of that, every your enemy needs to capture them and you have to defend your magic treasure.

Cursed treasure 2 has a new mod and a main story. Your major mission is to don't let enemy warriors find your gems and take them. To do so, you have to build a new deadly defense tower and also your knights barracks, where they can live and shoot a magic arrow at your rivals hurt. Also, this new version has an advanced plot twist, which is that, you can deal with evil gods and if you play hard enough, they give you super massive destruction weapons to kill strange invaders.

The controls

You need the mouse to use spells and update your magic towers, but you can use 1 to build a orc den You have to click 2 to build an Undead crypt and press 3 to build a Demons temple.
Also, when you want to use magic spells, push Q to use a Cut out spell and to blazing meteor rain, press E.

This new game has so cool and whole modified gameplay. You can new towers to build and new maps to use them as your battlefield. There are also new modes and features, For example, you cannot build towers on the forest tiles, but there is a way out. just select a Cut Out spell and click on the forest. Also, when you built a tower on higher ground, its shooting range increases by 50% more.

Armor game developers made a whole new set of textures and round locations for this second version. Every warrior has a individual visual and it's so awesome. Also, you can enjoy with your magic powers while making rain of blazing meteors and this motions are so beautiful. Cursed treasure 2 has awesome music too and that gives you so much motivation, so enjoy it and good luck.